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2002-07-17 17:45:12 (UTC)

DoWn To tHe rEaL BulL.....

hEy OuT ThErE
I'm back on here writing about all of the bullshit that is
happening well the last time i wrote in here it was just an
intro. Now it is time to get deep and somewhat presonal.
Like i said last time i am gay and where i grew up that is
not really accepted so i have had five-hundred
billion "problems" here i have lived here for 12 of the 17
years i have been alive and when i first found out i was in
third grade. the first person i told was my best friend at
the time Andrew well at the time he did not know what to do
he did not even really know what gay was so i had to tell
him that i liked boys and he was the first guy i really
liked well he stopped being my friend until we made it into
the 5th grade when we made it to the 5th grade we were in
the same class and about half way through the year he told
me that he thought theat he was gay and then he became my
first boyfriend well through the rest of the 5th and 6th
grade we had no problems really but when we went to 7th
grade we had the same homeroom let me side step for a min.
we did not really understand that there was anything wrong
with being gay so we were kinda open with our kissing,
holding hands,etc. we would give each other kisses after
homeroom well the second day of 7th grade we were saying
goodbye and STEVEN HARMOND hit andrew wiht a broken pen and
yelled fucking faggot and all through our middle school
years at Landmark Middle we had problems well when i was
finishing up my 8th grade year i told my mom that i was gay
she took it really hard at first but now we go shopping and
stuff together well now ii have a few years on the past and
me and andrew are not together anymore (but still good
friends) and i am no longer living i jax i am now i a sheep
shit town in the middle of hell my 9th grade year at this
new high school was not that bad untill people started
talking about me and throwing food and trash at me and
stuff like that the only thing i liked at this high school
was the chorus and the NJROTC. The director(Miss Shoemaker)
we have for chorus was the best thing that ever happend to
me (besides my third grade teacher who helped me through a
lot and we still keep in great contact)she helped me relize
that music can help heal, calm,and win people over.i love
her so much for every thing. And one person that i will
never forget and has changed my life for the better is
Captian Motolenich USN(retired)is the Naval Science
instrustor he helped me relize that i can do anything i
want and that i can be everything that i let me be he
opened my eyes to alot of things including the military. i
thank him from the bottom of my heart because of him i will
have a very sucessful career in the USMC or USN.well in the
end of my 10th grade year i was kicked out of school
because a teacher did somethings that i fought with and i
caused me to get kicked out of school.but the good news is
that i got accepted to a military academy for my 11th and
12th grade years. and that is where life is for me right
now so when something happens i will wrte about it.(if you
read this and have comments dont be afrid to send them good
or bad)..