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2002-07-17 16:36:02 (UTC)


Im gonna do it, Im actually gonna do it!
Guess what, Im gonna do it!!
This weekend I will go and se S*
I decided it last weekend when I was at Tommy`s place, I
need to get on with my life.

I got butterfly`s all over my body, Im so nervous and happy
at the same time.
I dont know that to expect thats hard but good in the same
time I guess.
And if things go wrong its okey because at least I tryed
(but to late) and I still got Tommy.
Not that he is number two on my list or so, but you know.

I think that since its been so long time since we talked, I
mean really talked, not just a call when one of us or bouth
had been drinking, that I have forgot how he really was.
I mean I know him by hart, that`s for sure but stil..
I dont have the feeling I use to have, but thet can change
real fast I think.
One word for him and it can make my day, but it can also
give me a week i hell.

My plan is to go out with my

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