the roads not taken
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2002-07-17 15:58:46 (UTC)

christy is my best friend

ok christy spent the nught and it was alot of fun...she
cameout with all the truth, which made me happy but makes
me feel bad cause she would of told me if i wouldn't of
read now i feel bad for that but it did help me
in how i acted around sean. we just had the best time, we
laughed and talked about stuff and i told her some of my bi-
related secrets..... but she was cool, didn't believe me at
1st but then she did. and i've decided tha i'm not bi. i
had had the one experience and had other crazy non sexual
naked fun. at 1st she was like whoa..... but its no big
deal cause she hears alot of craxy stuff from me. we just
had a great time and now alot of the lies are knocked out.
and her mom knows something about me and john and she said
it front of sean hehehe, christy told me that both she and
john got bright red! good stuff. i think last night knda of
repaied our friendship cause alot had been going on! and
before all the truth came out she was all i think aaron is
still hung up on you. and just to kinda make things a lil
even and take him back i imed him and was like lets be
friends i miss you. but thats cool. cause hes kinda dumb.
i'm just still happy. and jeremy makes me happy, but we
can't see each other before i leave. sadness. grr i want
david to come back and a lil part of me wants ot hear
something from brent but with the circumstances...if i
don't i'll be good good.

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