Jack's Twisted Kingdom
2002-07-17 15:50:59 (UTC)

Wasting the Eve...

It has been awhile since i actually sat down at a cafe
with friends and just had fun talking about nothing and
everything... The last few nights have been wonderful
and yet there is something lacking, which I cannot put
my finger on.... I don't quite know what it is, but
something is just not right... I get this strange feeling
that somehow I am missing out on something that is or
could be much more interesting and far more, uhm,

Who knows...

I dearly, desperately need a good job, still haven't found
one that is good, I have one, but it's not going to be the
job I stay with for a hell of a long time... There's a guy I
know, he has worked at this same fast food restaurant
for the last 5 years, actually I think it may be longer than
that, but it always amazes me that he is still there... The
longest I have worked anywhere is 10 months, I just
can't stand anything more than that, I need something

Maybe I am just wacked...

Okay, I know I am a little fucked up, I need new things,
new experiences, I think is has to do with my boredom
level... I get bored very easilly... My ex used to complain
that I would get bored with her... I used to say, never, I
will never get bored with you, I can't, it's just not
possible, and I never did... But with her, she just
thought that I would... I didn't and don't understand that.

I could just be a wanderer at heart...

I love to travel, I want to go back to Europe next
December and just wander around for 6 months, back
pack and just have a hell of alot of fun... Of course, I
think I would have to make two stops before I left for
Europe... One to disney world? I want to go there, never
been there, and then of course to a little place east of
Tampa... The other of course, to New Orleans, my real
home of homes... The place I will probably end up living
the last of my days there... Or maybe I will just get run
over by some shmuck on the AudoBahn....

Hmm, a Sign, I need a sign...

Well, once again I sit and do nothing, I have a few
things to accomplish this afternoon. nut for the most
part, boredom shall doubt creep in and take a hold of
me like a viper in the wind... Maybe I will get that
apartment I have been looking at... Maybe not... We
shall see what we shall see... Tonight I shall be at the
Cafe again with friends, until midnight I shouldn't expect
much longer, no one ever stays longer than that... I
would if I had someone to talk to... I dearly wish I did..

Alas Poor Yorick...

Dust to dust, ashes to ashes, if you don't take it out and
use it, it's gonna rust... Great, my mind.... Such a lovely
little place... Maybe I will go insane or something
interesting like that... Yeah right... Methinks I will just
pander to the raw emotions that fester within, bulging
for thier release upon the newborn fantasy's welling up
inside this corpse....

Sigh, Bloody Sigh...