In Shaddy's Shadow
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2001-07-01 19:39:33 (UTC)

What have thing come to?

I still have not talked to Vinnie. It's been days now.
Well yesterday me & Rachel had a little talk about Me, Carl
& Vinnie. I realized that I don't care for Vinnie as much
as I do for Carl even though I am not with him at the time.
I asked Rachel yesterday if i was to go back out with Carl
would she think i was stupid, she really helped me think
wiht with my head and not my heart. i tend to think with my
heart. i realized that Yes i do love Vinnie but not in the same way
was in love Carl.. Me and Carl are meant to be, but me and Vinnie are
really good friends. Me and Vinnie should stay as friends and Not
ruin that. She helped me realize i should not be with Vinnie and the
more i keep with thing going with me and him the harder it's gonna be
the brake up. I really feel that i don't care what it takes I'm gonna
get Carl back. No matter who i have to step on and who i have to
hurt. i will be together with him again.

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