nobody cares
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2002-07-17 14:04:10 (UTC)

11:08 in the morning on a wed. in july

well last night was fun i guess and ill just leave it at
that... have no idea wut the plans are for today .. my mom
got word from my brother that his shoulder twisted or
something from skateboarding so my mom and aunt took off to
the emergency and knowing the hospital they'll probably be
there ALL DAY just great i say another boring day for sara
whohoo not!!!!! i cant even go to my friends house which
lives up the road because shes gone to drama camp till 4 or
so and i could take the bus out to see someone but i know
my parents will bitch and complain at me but ohwell my best
friend in the whole world is coming over at 2 (hopefully)
and that is whats keeping me go for a few more days knowing
that shes coming over and we can spend the girls night out
kind of thing and she really needs to come here she better
not cancel but she has been getting better at it and she
has came over here already once this summer and thats huge
i swear because shes the type that dont get out that often
oh well i hiope she comes over on thursday her parents were
thrilled for her wanting to get out of the house and my
parents didnt mind at all. now my plans i guess for today
are to clean up the basement where we will be hanging out.
LOL ya if i wanted to do tjhat i would of started it
already because knowing how i clean if i started cleaning
it up right now it will take me till oh i say......3 in the
morning to be done. thats not including my break for lunch
and then again for supper and i have to come on the net at
11 ish to talk to my fiance... oh right i forgot to mention
that im engaged!!!!! i cant believe it and i know it will
be a long engagement and i know my parents wont approve of
it but we are eloping (i think thats how u spell it)maybe
not now and maybe not tommorow but he said when he gets his
licents(which will before i get mine lol) that will take
off to los vegas or something. im not sure if he was
joking but im willing to go if he has the
lmaoooooooooooooooooooooooo anyways well i have a million
and one things to do before my best friend skye comes over
tommorow so i should start getting moving.