Meshed Up
2002-07-17 10:21:29 (UTC)


interesting sms:

ME: (sent to friends) hey! you guys free for dinner
tomorrow? don't know where yet but we have to meet up
tomorrow! text back if you're free!
HER: sure! who you??



witnessed a tarot card reading today and was very
intrigued. i looked at the cards and the pictures and found
out that the death card is not the worst card, but that
they are the tower card and the devil card.

tower card = symbolizes building something very big and
majestic but will only topple down. the tower
in the card, is being struck by lightning.

devil card = symbolizes materialism or lust

death card = symbolizes rebirth

the thought of having a reading done for me (for free even)
crossed my mind but i decided against it. first, it's too
scary for me. second, i don't think god would be very happy
if i meddled with it.

a friend did a reading on another woman who was in a
dilemma because she was having an affair with one of her
employees. she was older than him, and her employee was
married too. she asked if her husband suspected, if her
lover loved her, and if her lover would leave his wife for
her. she asked a lot of questions...and most probably heard
the answers that she wanted to hear.

friend said that the woman was creepy and that that was the
scariest reading he had ever done for anybody. her third
eye was really open. all the cards that came out really
spoke to him and in one card spread, three kings came out.
the spread only had 6 cards (she picked the cards with her
left hand without knowing what they are), and the entire
deck only had 4 kings...and yet three of them came out.

FRIEND: are you looking for a man?
HER: yes.
FRIEND: there are three kings spread out here. it shows that
you really want a man to love you.
HER: i know. if only i can find him. i don't want my husband
anymore. and if that other guy doesn't love me then i
don't want him anymore either.


if i had only one week left to live, how will i live my life? if i
had had a reading done for me and found out what the future has in
store for me, how will i live my life?

the future is not there for us to know it in advance i suppose. god
wants us to live for the present each and everyday.

perhaps we should all just live one day at a time. and perhaps, we
should all live each day as if it is our last day on earth.

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