Life is nothin but drama
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2002-07-17 06:40:19 (UTC)

I hate this

I really hate drama!!!! I always seem to bring it to me
tho. I have a gurl friend. Well actually 3 of them. One
lives down the street from me and the other 2 live in
different states. See the thing is i waz on the phone with
my ex nad my gurl friend waz on three way, my ex started
saying she loves me and stuff but she didnt know that my
gurl friend waz on the other line... Im so stupid. Oh yea
but anyways about the gurls in other states... one of them
is coming down here to live with me... known of them know
about each other. I dont know what to do.. i like them but
im in love with one of them and thats the one that lives
down the street from me. Im really thinking about dumbing
all of them and sticking with the gurl i love. Yea and well
the one that im in love with seems to treat me mean but i
dont care...... on the other hand the other two are sooo
nice to me. I dont know..... i like abuse but i love the


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