red illusions

Ode to Myself
2001-07-01 17:56:56 (UTC)

now i see how this works

ok... so my last entry was the first entry. as you onlt get
one chance for a "first try", i wanted to be sure that it
was a good one. what!? anyway. i suppose if you are
reading this, you'll want to know what this is all about.
why i have conformed to sharing my life with the entire
world. basically i am looking for anwsers, as i am sure
that i have reached a point where i can no longer
search any deeper with in my soul. it is just empty. i
have poked, prodded, pryed, and anything else one can
do to find anwsers to lifes mysterious challenges. i
need new insights. new imput. new opinions. A NEW
LIFE!! - as i have created "my own prison". an
outsiders point of ciew will be cool.... gotta run. more
to follow. bear with me.