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Matt's Whining and Bullshit
2001-01-08 03:05:50 (UTC)

Hahaha... boring weekend..

Hahaha... boring weekend summary...

All I did this weekend was chill in front of the computer
and play some guitar. I left a note in someones feedback
as a joke because in their entries they talk about this one
guy that leaves negative feeedback... So I figured I'd get
myself into one of the entries by leaving a negative
feedback and what do I get? An email from the [email protected] I specifically said that I was only joking
around and doing it to get mentioned in their next entry
but everyone seems to have over looked that.

Well any way... I learned a few new songs on guitar because
I had nothing better to do and I also took like 40 new
pictures that I'm going to add to my Photo Album sometime
this week.

It's supposed to snow tonite/tomorrow I hope I get out of
school or atleast get a delayed opening but I have a
feeling it won't happen.

Its now 10 o'clock. I'm about to tell everyone I'm talking
to online goodbye. Actually I think I'll wait until Shanen
signs off.. yea thats what I'll do. In the mean time I'll
start adding those 40 pictures.

MY bro is trying to be funny right now... its not working
he's just looking like an idiot. If he comes back in here
he's gettin beat.

Well anyway... Thats about it for this entry... but first
the last lines from all my current IMs:

LuvAble2O1: do i get a hug from my man 2morro? lol
MonkiesNRhinos4E: uhhhh....
MonkiesNRhinos4E: of course
LuvAble2O1: and if it DOES snow 2morro n we either get
home early or it is cancelled al2gether, do u want 2 do

MonkiesNRhinos4E: what part do u have in the band? i 4get
EcStAsYKiD42o: dude
EcStAsYKiD42o: i sing
MonkiesNRhinos4E: thats it?
EcStAsYKiD42o: rying to learn bass
MonkiesNRhinos4E: o
EcStAsYKiD42o: to help out when mell has to move to guitar
EcStAsYKiD42o: but I will pick easy bass lines
MonkiesNRhinos4E: thats the ticket.
EcStAsYKiD42o: cause cecille wants to sing but she can't do
that and play
MonkiesNRhinos4E: its a bitch to sing and play
EcStAsYKiD42o: yup
MonkiesNRhinos4E: if u memorize songs then its not as hard
MonkiesNRhinos4E: u have to get really good at playing
without looking at the guitar.
EcStAsYKiD42o: yup

Noinim: blastin Crazy Train, by Ozzy
MonkiesNRhinos4E: blastin Cemetery Gates by Pantera
Noinim: blastin Defender, by Manowar
MonkiesNRhinos4E: blastin Cowboys From Hell by Pantera

Alright, thats it for this entry, Pasta La Pizza all my

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