Paradise HAHAHA
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2002-07-17 05:19:55 (UTC)

What a wonderful life!!!

Well, Lasr friday was an intresting day. I called my mom
to talk to her and see what she was up to that day. We got
in a fight over the damn car insurance again. She went
off on me and I packed my stuff and left cat and all. I
didnt come home til Saturday night around 12 am. I went to
work like nothing happened. She huged me and said she was
sorry and that she needed to calm donw after her lil
tantrum on my cell. I just cant belive I'm more mature
then my mom. Thats sad.
Anyways, yesturday I was with Brian and Sarah had a shit
fit. All I can say is "What a flippin Psycho!!!" Ahhhh.
Why do people have to be so god damn dumb. Be mature about
all this!!! Grrr. Brian told me that she tried to break
upi with him 3 or 4 times damn how lame. Anyways, I'm
going to bed and hope that tomorrow at work isnt too
frustrating. See Ya!