the word rennie is cool
2002-07-17 05:06:05 (UTC)

I apparently have issues

I got some new blush! It's urban decaysome gold color, but
i don't have a blush brush. I spent 16.00 on that shit.
Well im sitting here and my stomach is turning and im
listening to some LP called SqUeEzE tO bAbYlOn AnD oN nice
eh? it's my summer job... record five boxes of Dad's and
staceys LPs onto CD. The bright side is the i now know how
to use an album player ( that's not useful to me anyways)
and i get a more curltured view of music *HoTT TuNA* *JiMi
HeNdRiXxX* but yeah-- each album takes an hour and I've got
five boxes and a life. You do the math

Im actually talking to nick on the Im for MSN. I called him
today on my lunch break at ceramics camp at OCAC. We talked
for nine minutes and twenty two seconds. I had a boms a$$
lunch 2day. Well, sort of. Cottage cheese and mandarin
oranges and a HUUGE oatmeal chocolate chip cookie. It was
so yummy it was almost orgasmic choclate. Not quite there
though, because it was ina cookie. There is this orgasmic
chocolate though, in the pantry upstairs, i go up there
every once in a while and take a few pieces, it's actually
old halloween candy-- but when it starts to melt in my
mouth i wanna fall on the ground! It's got some hidden
powers. Tomorow im gonna eat at the cafe and get a soup and
a cookie or a salad and a cooke. Im ~eXXited~

Tessa is being such a bizzach lately. Like, she doesn't
even set up for dinner or help or anything, then when you
say something to her, she gets all smug and snaps back at
you in a sarcastic way. It's like "look, honey, youre NOT
THAT HOT SHIT, so quit it!" I swear, someone needs to yell
back one time, and then maybe she'll stop being such a
pill. She seriously needs costco sized midol. She is so
sick too, shes like twelve, but should be entering seventh
grade, and when I was in my PC burning a HenriXX LP, she
was watching the VAGINA MONOLOUGES! They were reading some
poem called CUNT and this old woman was making nasty wanabe
porn star sounds. I was absolutely disgusted. I was like
Tess that's too old for you, change it! She did once, but
then turned back to it and continued watching it. I swear
to god, she needs to get a boyfriend and keep her sex life
to a minimum, or get a LIFE. you watch Vagina Monolouge at
NIGHT, duh! not at seven o clock when people can barge on
in! DUH!

Every1 at camp asked about my nicky. There is this
beautiful girl at camp, shes my friend, and she's gorgeous.
Kind of hyper, but sooo beautiful. I think im attracted to
darker skins. Not black, but kind of egyptian colored. Shes
got dark eyes and long lashes and a perfect build and real
kickin curves. Her shirt was tight and spaghetti strap and
i was like aaaah! and her shorts were short and tight . I
want her body to be mine. She's so neat though, she's my
fave in my ceramics class. MY teacher is an awesome chick,
kinda lillith fair though. HairEE pits and legs. Ah well,
such is life-- i shave my toes.

I got a black wonderbra 3rd degree in 38B. Anyways, we were
at Petco and this person was helpin us out, there name was
Ady and i was kind of freaking myself out, because i
thought they were SOO CUTE, like kissable. But I couldnt
tell if it was a girl or a boy. They were adorable i wanted
them but not like that cause I'd never give up my nicky.
But you know-- that was really frusteratin my sexuality. I
mean i know im 100% straight but im naturally curious and
totally open to anything. They were so adorable too! They
said something about dogs biting ass and i was like --damn--
killed youre sweetness with a crude comment. But still the
way he/she/it ( I dUnNnO!) looked at me, or at least how i
saw it, was kinda shy/wanting to talk but couldn't kind of
This album is startin to get on my nerves. I downloaded the
best lauren hill song. It's so beautiful. I heard it last
night after REal SEx 24 was on HBO at like 12:25. It's
called "WAter" and it was from MTV ~un~plugged, but it was
croped as a msuci video for MTV2. It's six minutes long-
acoustic-lauren hill. Come on, you know thats triple fab
with a twang of sexy sauce. I just wanna lay there and
listen to it forever, and not worry about anything. It
would be great post-sex music. Sorry to be so blunt, but
it would be. OR a great song in the part in a movie where
the two lovers are longing for eachother after leaving

Ok-- I've got a huge complaint about the pill. It makes u
freaking juicy and smelly. Down there. Its like im flowing
like im on my period but its like cum and it smells funky.
I get it all over my underwear and its soo embarrasing.
What about when nicky takes my undies off with his
teeth!?! what am I gonna say? " oh, dont worry, I cum nudd
just like guys do, but mine smells like cat food and puppy
chow? not even. I've got to go to the PlaT D.r. I'm just
one stinky ball right now caus eiw ent runninh. Stinky ball
that needs to shave underarm and use DOVE BAR. ooh ice
cream. No!! too much temptation. oral-b and orgasmic
choclate. ooooh! have to have!

Nick left his away messege on his box for IM, and one more
song left on SqUeEzE side DEUX. Then my regimen begins.
Shower. pajamas. burn another CD. Talk naughty with nick.
Turn on T.V. after midi-soir or or, turn to MTV2 for two
or three MV's and then crash. Wake up at seven fifteen.
Struggle for breakfast and get dressed. It's gonna be
great, man! my hair is icky, and tomorrow i dont pack my
lunch cause im buying, member? This is getting to long! i
want a non dog smelling house.