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2002-07-17 04:32:43 (UTC)

i feel so oblivious some times...

i feel so oblivious some times.
but maybe thats how i like to be.
with certain things.
maybe hiding from it all.
was what i needed at the time.
and maybe you did too.
who can say what tomorrow will bring.
who can say what three years can do.
its amazing how it can change people.
its amazing how it cant change anything at all.
socks and that ring.
i choose to forget it.
i choose to ignore it all.
or maybe i didnt at all.
maybe part of me still lives in that tree.
and maybe part of you.
still lives within me.
i threw it all away you know.
in a unplanned uncensored fit of rage.
i never gave you a key
but you got in somehow.
and after a night like id had.
i didnt want to come home to that.
i couldnt come home to that on my bed.
so i threw it away. i smushed it all up.
and i got rid of it. of you.
i didnt even talk about you.
i didnt even think about you.
but time is an obstacle
few can avoid.
and we all submit to it.
in the end.
so dye your hair baby.
tie it up real nice for me tonight.
read your books.
and hold your pillow tight.
because, it wont ever be me.
no...it cant ever be with me.