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2002-07-17 04:15:26 (UTC)


i just got in a fight with my brother no not a name callin'
put your hands on your hips kinda fight, we got into a body
slamin' bite your finger off kind of fight. i just cried
for almost 30 min.s not because it hurt but cause i didn't
know my brother could be that mean to me. he threw me on
the ground for no reason then i bit him on the hand cause
he wouldn't get off me than he like pinched my face i have
marks on from it. all because of some stupid reason to i
think he didn't want to whatch what i was whatching on tv
or something i don't even remember now.

well i'm going to move on now....
this morning my dad called and said that my grandma was in
town so he came and picked me and kiersten up and we went
to my aunts house until 4 then we went to where my grandma
was visiting her friend. i havn't ssen her in a while she
is so cute. i'm glad i got to see her!

then i came home and stayed home with nothing to do. i was
so board. then we had to go pick nolan up from eastbrook so
i drove to pick him up with my mom on the way back we had
to stop at win-dixie and get so sauce stuff for the stakes
gary was cooking.
and i saw kellae. she works there, that was cool i havn't
saw since school.

mendy picked up my schedual today for me and she told me
that i have advanced chorus. so i was like wow man, that's

well i'm out.

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