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2002-07-17 01:15:12 (UTC)

Some people are enemy of every people - hero ahead

Tuesday I was in big city. I discovered some people are enemy
of every people. They work in some place but do not like it.
They only wanted the cash. I think if they act like it to
every people. They confuse people to go to business and causes
finance injuries to offices. They lie to people and confuse
the work of offices. They do not help people to get the way
to offices. They lie to them and people can not find the office.
And office can not serve the people then causing finance injuries.
They are enemy of every people.
Now I will go ahead against them to help and save people.
I am hero I am corageous and I know what I wanted and to be good
is only thing than could make me happy.
Better days for me and for my truly friends.