Just a Girl
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2002-07-17 03:49:09 (UTC)

boring day

Yea, so today was pretty boring, but I'm willing to have a
few boring days for the greater good of summer.
Considering the hell I would have experienced if I had to
go to school, I'm more than happy to spend a few dull
days. It started off a good day eating-wise. Then by
later afternoon I lost a little bit of control and by the
evening, I was eating brownies. Then, I saw my mom looking
and I stopped. I don't know what it is about her, but I
always get the feeling that she thinks I'm fat. I have
trouble eating around her. It's weird. I can't figure it
out. I guess it's partly a good thing because it stopped
me from eating another brownie. It's also annoying...

I worked forever on my summer reading shit... Enough said
about that.

We'll see if things get any more interesting tonight. I
got my first message today! It's still odd to think that
someone may actually read whatever I write. Kind of
liberating, actually.