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2002-07-17 03:16:27 (UTC)

Two faced?

Why do people feel the need to be two faced? Just for an
example, I had a friend... he graduated this year, and
prior to his graduation he and I had a long conversation
about the particular genre of people in Summerville... and
how neither of us actually really cared for them, and how
we were friends with them but at this time in our lives
felt that we were different from them, we'd grown up with
these people and gone on vacations with them and what not,
but we had realized now how much people here judge, and
turn their noses up at others that aren't in *their* group,
and how we were both ready to get out of here. But now he's
dating one of *them* (I really make it sound worse than it
really is) one of the ones that is best friends with
everyone but when we all go out, our group, she's the one
that her only conversation is about another person who
isn't there. Then I have another friend, who said they
shared my thoughts on the whole relationship, and had
seemed that they had detested this person as much as I.
Come to find out tonight suddenly those feelings had
changed... I think it's funny how people act when it comes
down, right in your face. LOL I was standing next to
someone we were talking, they're a friend and somoene I
guess who they thought to be more popular than I walked
up... guess they knew them and without saying a word or
without blinking they just slightly turned their body away
from mine and towards theirs. Ha the things people do when
they think you're not looking. I wonder what things make
one of your best friends move you down to the end of the
line when someone else "better" comes by. Aren't you
supposed to be best friends?
I also find it very insulting when your "friends" are only
friends with you when it's good for them. Sure they want to
be your friend when they need a date or when they need
someone to hang out with, or need you to hang out with them
so they can hang out with someone else, but once you're not
needed then the whole play ends. It's amazing how quickly a
person can change in a matter of minutes.

*Kiss Me I'm Emo*

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