Forgotten Misery
2002-07-17 02:49:44 (UTC)


ahh my old journal im pullin a sneeky 5 o cause i bet none
of my friends know to check this ah so
smart but anyways im just a typin here to say summer is a
goin im reading a book for english cp yes they make u do
summer reading here in ohio it sux but i like it its not
bad its called the once and future king by th white its
good i like king authuer stuff its coo!!!! hm o yea i have
a job its alright hard to deal with people cause damn some
people are so rude i swear! o o rj is gona loose his
licecsne for 90 days for getting pulled over which he so
should of kept driving the po po so had nick i cant believe
rj pulled over tooo ahhh so dumb! so yea rjs rents so dont
really like me its hurtful and his mom the other day told
rj she could tell he doesnt really like me im like ouchy!
but he does hell we are going on 5 months here on the 27
thanku very much! i like him alot we have alot in common
and i love being around him ...he always makes me smile and
i feel 10 times better when im with him and even better
when he kisses me! anyways yea this realtionship is alot
of work cause of his parents but i stay around and he said
hes suprised i put up with it of course i do i wanna be
with him and i will do what ever it takes its me and him
not me him and everyone else so others people can kiss my
butt cause i love rj and no one else!