OhBaby It Is Me

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2002-07-17 02:09:03 (UTC)


When I finally have free 'rain' over what I want, I
come to realize that I really don't want it at all. I
don't want someone who will be on off to me, but then again
I don't want someone who will always be on me or someone
who will always be off me, so I guess I do want someone who
will always be on and off me, I just don't want someone to
be hot cold with me like he is. The problems with boys.
See I'm not like other girls I'm easy to please and to keep
happy. Pay attention to me for a while and then go do your
own thing, that's all I want. A little attention here and
there will keep me happy. I don't have to be part of
everything you do, just as long as you acknowledge me I'm
set. Is that really that complacated? I didn't think so.
I'm not trying to be at all, I want it to be as easy as can
be. Man I'm such an idoit

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