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2001-07-01 16:19:07 (UTC)

Hot Import Nights 6-30-01

Well yesterday was so fun. I kinda just bummed around town
during the day but when 2:30 came around I was getting
ready for Hot Import Nights. Its a BIG car show and dance
party. It was a lot of fun. Can't for next year. I wanna
show my car. Well on the way there we took the Adam's
tahoe. I got suck in the middle on the way there. So I
stuck my feet up one of both seats. Adam turned around and
made a pervert comment, so I just closed my legs the rest
of the way. Then on the way home we had Kevin in the way
back and he was making "phone calls" to madonna LOL. I was
sitting behind Adam and nnext to Clayton on the way home
so, Clayton must have been horny because he kept touching
my foot. It was so cute. Then when we got back home we did
a couple laps on the HWY and then we went to go eat. Then
we all went back out to our cars. Sam Kevin and Adam left
in Sam's car, me and Clayton stuck around so we could have
a good night kiss. he he. He so cute. I was thinking about
him the whole way home. Oh on the way home I was playing
with this 99 or 00 red Si it was so fun we hit like 95.
Then I was playing with a 92-95 red coupe. well that was my
Love ya,