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2002-07-17 00:40:04 (UTC)

I found the name

I found out the name of the guy I met at Mr.T's party. He
told me his real name but told me to call him by his camp
name and i forgot his real name. He was cute and really nice
to me, he seemed interested too. But i wasn't availble then
otherwise i woulda tried something or been more flirty or
something. But it might not be too late if Mr. T has another
party, or catches on that i'm interested and is willing to
hook me up. I went out on a long drive today, thought i'd
gotten lost a few times but i figured out where i was and
where i was going. I went to piedmont hoping to catch a
glimpse of people but also to see where it was and if i could
get there and i can! Wahoo go me!yep it was cool except
people were doing crazy shit on the roads. Now when me and
Jason go prowling we can go to piedmont too. I also saw a
guy from my school why driving we waved at each other it was
a nice surprise. God i feel really shallow, stupidlly guy
obsessed but of all the obsessions to have is that so bad, i
mean my chocolate addiction is much worse. It was funny i
realize I'd been out a lot longer than i meant to be so i
started thinking up creative lies to say when asked why i was
gone so long, but when i came home my mom said nothing about
it. Score!

Nothing better in life then speeding down the freeway with
the windows rolled down and the music turned up!


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