Krystal Faerie

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2001-07-01 15:14:37 (UTC)

*~Why Does Everything Happen To Me?~*

Why does all the bad stuff happen to me? I found out this
morning from DeBBie that Ron is "sick of Veronica (me)" He
thinks that because I spend time with DeBBie that I am
trying to take her away from him. Why can't anyone let me
have my friends??? I am so sick of all the shit that
everyone puts me through. I cannot even say a word about
Brandon without everyone thinking I am obsessed with him. I
know I do talk about him, but now, I am getting tired of
all the crap he has been doing to me. He tells me that he
will do stuff...he never does it. I am about to say "forget
about" to Brandon. I know I could probably find someone
else that would treat me better than Brandon can. It's like
he is only staying here because of the sex. WHY DO GUYS DO
THAT???? I HATE THAT ABOUT GUYS!!!! I don't know what to do

I NEED HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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