the roads not taken
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2002-07-16 23:25:21 (UTC)

end of happy story...and some drama

alright i'm gonna finish my happy story about sunday night
ok heres how waffle house went. lol it was just so great
and funny. ok we get there and me and britt dart into the
bathroom, it was one of thoes with just a toliet. and we
went in there i i peed and she fixed her hair and lary
caled and was all whats up (they were in side the waffle
house) and he was all up the phone up to her..what a freak
and then we went to go sit back down and for some reason i
sat next to britt instead of brent and then felt dumb so
when we was all wanna see the meun i said no and jsut
jumped up and was liek i'll look at it from here. hehehe
and sat next to him. ok and that was funny. larry and i get
around like old pals and i felt really good and
comfortable. and brent was talking some he's cool and he
tried t pull me off the bench and it was cool. we were
gonan go somewhere and watch his fight (on video heheheh)
but we couldn't. so aww poo. and i didn't get a hug at the
end of the night but w.e! hehe and once me and brittany got
back in her house she told me that larrt told her that
breant said i was real cute and pretty but he wasn't
looking for a relationship..well duh the kid is leaving the
8th to go to school in washington state..well damn! lol and
then we were tired and britt had to wake up at 6 30 so i
was there with her mom for a while and came home and never
got caught but my legs aer still sore hehehehe! i hope i
get to go back with them i only thing aug. 4th would
work...i sure hope so!!!! now the drama it all came
today...i knew something weird was going on with christy
and sean...well i was at her house and i peaked in her
diary...she likes him and he doesn't like her. ha. and then
i read seans emails (to a forth each other) and christy was
being cool like amanda is a good friend and i think she can
tell. and hes all i can't deal with amanda, forget her. so
fuck him! and this time i swear i won't admit to knowing
anything. but i'm cool with it all cause i didn't really
like him. and christy is spending the night oh my! and i'm
going to jeremy's tomorrow :)
i wanna talk to david mcentee but i can't until maybe
saturday the 27th. so oh well i hope something goes on
there and anna or his ex doesn't screw things up :)

ps my nana drives me crazy