Silver web spun of a twisted imagination
2002-07-16 22:55:18 (UTC)

New Job

Today I started assisting a teacher at the Brain Cell.
There are six boys in the class I'm helping, Dustin, Eric,
Tim, Kevin, Niko (?), and another boy whose name I don't
remember. Their ages range from 10 to 14. The other
assistant is Dylan (who didn't show up), and the teacher is
a guy and I can't remember his name but he's nice. It's
fun to be the only girl, just like in VA. I spend most of
the time helping Dustin stay focused. He's really bright,
but he apparently has trouble staying on task sometimes. I
think it's ADD but I'm not sure. Mat took the Gibson test
and he'll be starting class too. I don't think he'll be in
mine though. We watched some of Casper the Friendly Ghost
and walked to Subway during break. After class my dad took
Mat, Kell and me to lunch and then Kell and I went window
shopping at the myriad of shops sround the Brain Cell until
her 3-o'clock with Tony. Kelley is training to be a
tutor. Right now I'm at the library. I think I'll go

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