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2002-07-16 21:52:32 (UTC)


ok, no, i dont have the 'urge'. i just got it from a movie.
kindof an inside joke. a lot has happened since i last
wrote in this thing but i dont feel like going into details.
the whole shawn deal is long over and i dont even talk to
him anymore. i went out with aaron again but he dumped me,
of course. then he liked some girl but she didnt like him,
and so on. now hes going out with my not so good friend.
jonny (my good guy friend) spread these rumors about me, he
told zach (good guy friend who likes me) and aaron (big
mouth) well one was true and when i admitted it to aaron he
flipped and thought it was awful. so he tormented me and
told everyone, it was a big mess. so now i hate jonny and
aaron (as if i didnt hate aaron already). summer sucks so
far, and i have to go to camp next week but they put
courtenay on a waiting list, so i have no one, and i hate
practically everyone so im not gonna make any friends. ugh.
ive pretty much given up on love. at least for the next
couple of years. emilys bf, trevor, asked me out while he
was still with her, and she dumped him so i told her (man o
man was she pissed) but then at her friends house the next
day she asked him out again, so theyre dating again. how
stupid. me and emily shaved this kid (derek)'s legs and put
make-up on him and everything when i was at her house.
derek asked me out that night, i said no of course. but we
played truth or dare with him a couple nights ago, thats
why he let us. it was a lot of fun, we took pix too. ;)
everyone wants doubles but im not gonna give any out. so
dawson and becky have been spending a lot of time together
lately. its pissing me and emily off. i havent seen dawson
in like 2 weeks and she always has becky over. whenever i
invite her over she either has becky over or 'cant'. i cant
believe how flaky she's being. and becky is supposed to be
emilys best friend, but she talks to dawson about how she
doesnt even like emily. i feel so bad for emily shes
soooooo nice. i find it hard to believe she seriously likes
trevor tho. oh well, its fake anyways. im going to the
waterpark with dawson tmrw. but omg! she broke her ankle
(again) so we cant do like anything. she cant do soccer in
the fall or lacrosse in the spring. im so fukn pissed. if
its so serious then why does she have becky over this very
minute? goddamnit. my friends suck. the only one that
doesnt is anna. (who is probably readin this right now too)
we have been friends for as long as i can remember. ill
always have her. and shell always have me :) well anyway,
ill probably write a whole long thing about camp when i get
back about chris being a cit now and all the ppl ive met
and come to hate. great. oh and my new word: craptastic