mindless ramblings
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2002-07-16 21:03:09 (UTC)

getting over kevin

using all the various ways i have of getting over kevin.
mainly jogging, punching my bag, and going to ted's house
to eat ice cream. have i talked about ted? hes a good
guy, he lives kinda near me. im pretty close to him,
partly cuz he's gay, and i guess easy to get close to, but
i dunno, he's helpin me through this. he found a pic of
kevin and put it on a bullitin board so we could throw
darts at him. you gotta love ted! still though, its hard
to talk to him about anything serious. he is still a guy,
even if he's gay. i wrote a poem, i dont think its to
good. but anywho.

going crazy
pick a daisy
pull the petal
cold like metal
last one got
he loves me not
petal falls
sharp blade calls
to end the strife
i take my life

no real conection to my life, but hey. im gonna go call
ted and complain about life in general to him. bye.

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