The Daily Babble
2002-07-16 20:48:47 (UTC)

The Wedding!

So this brings us to the night of the wedding --Saturday--
which was total chaos....I was up pretty early doing
random last minute things and getting our stuff
together...and also taking my cousin to the store to get
some last minute things....Then we started getting ready
at my house when the food arrived at my aunt's so we drive
back there! It was just total craziness...we had to eat
really quick and then rush back over my house to get ready
for the me and my sister went home as soon as
we were done eating.

Well, getting ready for the wedding was a project in sister and I don't know how to put the sari's
on, so we started with our hair and make-up and when my
cousin Appu was ready, she called us up to do the saris.
Well she took so long getting us ready that I didn't have
any time to do anything to my hair or even to do something
fancy with my makeup. So I was really annoyed because
then she spent forever getting herself ready. But my
sister and I had to get over to my aunt's house because
the Limo had arrived and everyone wanted us to head off
with the groom.

So my dad drove us over but there was this last
minute "pooja" stuff that had to be taken care of...I
could tell that Anand was starting to get annoyed but he
kept biting his tongue and not saying anything. Things
were just really unorganized and chaotic....finally that
was done and the girls and everyone got into the
limo...and then next thing we realized was that no one
paid the driver!!! So of course he wouldn't start driving
without being paid! So people wasted another like 15
minutes looking for money and then my uncle finally went
into the house to get his checkbook and FINALLY we were

We got to the Birchwood Manor on time and then we all
danced to the gates...In Indian weddings, there's
something called a "Jaan" or "Barat" which is the groom's
party...they all arrive at the hall and usually people are
singing and me and my cousins all started
dancing and then even got Anand and Vikas involved which
was a lot of fun....Erica's family came out to watch us
arrive and they even got involved in the dancing. Even
their friend Seema came to dance with us, so we figured
she was coming from our side of the family. And finally
it was time for us to head INTO the hall.

We walked Anand to the "Mandap" which is where the
ceremony takes place. Then we found out that Seema was a
traitor because she stole Anand's shoes!!! It's a
fun "tradition" for the bride's side to take the groom's
shoes and demand money for them. So that was some
excitment because at one point, Vikas was able to get the
shoes back so Seema had no idea where they were and she
kept bribing people to get them back. Then she started
using the fact that she was pregnant as an excuse, saying
that we shouldn't be fighting with a pregnant woman. Haha.

Before we even realized it, it was time to bring Erica out
to the Mandap, so we [the girl cousins] went out to set up
our plates, but none of the candles would light!!!!!!! So
things went totally haywire...the first two girls just
started walking and they were so far ahead of the rest of
us. Then Jui got really nervous but my sister took care
of that..finally the rest of us just walked and I went
back to the aisle so Jui would see me and not get
nervous. I was so scared because once she saw all the
people looking at her, her eyes welled up with tears! But
she saw me and her dad and she finished off and came over
to me and I gave her a huge hug! I was so proud of her!

Then came Erica's turn to walk down the aisle with her
uncle...she was practically in tears as was her parents
and everyone else, but she looked so beautiful and happy!
The ceremony went by pretty well and pretty fast..there
were some gliches with the DJ that was annoying because my
aunt kept flipping out on me about it when I had nothing
to do with it! But once the ceremony was over, the family
stuck around for family pictures...that was a project in
itself but it finished up in about 45 minutes or so.

After pictures, people snacked and then headed over to the
Sheraton to change for the next ceremony and reception and
then we headed back to the Birchwood. We mingled with
family and friends until it was time for the Jewish
ceremony. It was cool because there were seats reserved
in the front for the family members. The ceremony was
really short but it was really beautiful...when they
[Anand & Erica] were saying their vows, I think it brought
tears to almost everyone's eyes.

Immediately after the ceremony was the reception, which
began with cocktail hour. There was some really good food
during that hour! We all mingled and talked and had some
fun until it was time to go to the main hall for dinner
and dancing.

Dinner itself wasn't that great but we had a lot of fun
with my family and friends. I had a few drinks here and
there, but nothing too crazy. My parents even danced
which was like the funniest thing--not to mention the
biggest shock!!! They never dance!

Then there was the speeches by Vikas and Leah which were
really good...Leah's was all emotional and Vikas' was
funny. They were both quality speeches.

The night ended around midnight when we started saying
goodbye to everyone. Almost all of Erica's family came to
thank me for all the work I put into everything so that
was really sweet.

My parents and family went home for the night, but me, my
sister, and some cousins were crashing at the hotel. It
was so cool--it was the Sheraton Tara in Parsippany--the
one that looks like a castle! My sister and I had the
whole room to ourselves. My sister changed and went to
bed, but I changed and went down to the lobby with my
cousin to hang out with Anand, Vikas and some friends.

We stayed up until 3:30 AM just talking about the
wedding/reception and all these other random things. It
was funny because everyone kept trying to get me to drink
beers, but I hate beer! So I had a little Heinekin and
some lager but nothing major.

The next morning we went to a brunch hosted by Paula
[Erica's mom] before we checked out and headed home.

By now [a week later]--its almost time for Anand and Erica
to come back from their Honeymoon and most of my family
has gone back to their is slowly going back
to normal. Haha.