Germany and Beyond
2001-07-01 14:06:11 (UTC)

Fun with Bernadette

Well, This weekend my friend Bernadette visited me from
Austria. We had so much fun. I was sad to see her go. We
did so much this weekend...where do I start?

Well, she arrived at 8pm on Thursday, and we had to go
directly to play rehearsal because I could not miss it
where she filled in for a kid that did not show up for
rehearsal. And then after that, we went back and dropped
off her stuff in my room. We then shared stories and
pictures of our experiences over the past 5 months before
going out. Then we went out for some cocktails at
Amadeus. Some juicy Albion gossip was discussed until 2am,
and then we went home to bed.

We woke up the next morning early to go to Kaiserlautern so
that she could pick up a package she sent there, and that
took most of the day. But we ate some great chinese food
there, and that made it all worth while. We then went back
to HD, took a quick nap and then went to a HUGE party at
Alcatraz. There were so many people there, and we met some
fun people, including Jessica's new boyfriend, who was a
perfect gentleman and not bad to look at. We stayed there
and danced and drank until 3 pm, and took a taxi home,
passing out promplty after entering the room.

The next morning we woke up and went to the Neckar and
rented a paddle boat for an hour. The weather was perfect
and we just layed out in the boat and chatted. Then we
went to Schwimmbad to go swimming. That place is so huge!
It is just a giant pool where hundreds of people swim. It
started to get cold, so we left. We decided that we wanted
to do something culteral after all of that playing in the
sun, so we went to the Opera. We saw "Le Grand Macabre" by
György Ligeti. It was one of the most interesting, thought
provoking, creative, shocking, and artisitic things I have
seen here. It was a modern opera about the Apocalypse
written in 1950, shortly after the second world war. It
was just amazing. After that we went to get some wine and
food at Cafe Gecko and we ran into Jessica and Pete and
Florian (her boyfriend). They wanted to go dancing, so we
came along and had a really good time at Billy Blues, a
jazz club/dance club. That ended that night, and then this
morning we went to the castle and walked around HD after
getting a nice breakfast at Starfish Cafe.

So, now I really need to start doing some serious
studying. Shit. I hate learning :)

Until later!