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Had a Bad Day Again....
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2001-07-01 13:46:07 (UTC)

Everything comes Crashing down

well, Last night, I got an e-mail from Chris, and it was
basically saying that a friend of his had been killed in a
car wreck on Saturday night. I don't know what to do. He
helped me so much when my friend Jennifer was killed in may
of 2000. And now that it's my time to help him, I can't.
I prayed that nothing like the death of a young friend
would ever happen to anyone else, but I can't stop time.
And I can't turn back time. I can only help him deal with
it. I know exactally what he's feeling right now, and it's
the worst feeling in the world. I just wish I could make it
go away for him. Dear God, please give me the words to say
to my all my friends that are mourning the deaath of their
friend. I know i can't make the pain go away, but please
help me with the words to sooth the feeling of lonliness
and pain.
I'm leaving today to go see my sister, and I won't be back
until Tuesday. So I won't be writin that much.
I talked to Kassie last night, and her life is all
bugeyed. She made some poor choices, and now shes really
confused about them. I just wish that she wouldn't do some
of the things that she does. I don't think she realizes
how much the decisions she makes affect her in the long
run. Hopefully I'll help her to see that someday.
I'm gettin off here for now. I have to get ready to go to
Tonyas'. Catch ya later.....