my life sux
2002-07-16 19:17:30 (UTC)

I've had 3 seizures today and I'm depressed and fed up!!!

Hello Diary,
I had three seizures today how depressing .
Who knows how many more I might have had that I don't
I just want a decent life is all I've really wanted.That
seems to be to much to ask for though.
I'm not sure what to say or to do.
I had three seizures yesterday also.
Ijust called Dr.Hedaya's office and left a message for him.
So I assume he'll be calling me back this evening.
So what's with my life.I'd really like to know?
I'm fed up, and frustrated and just want to scream and to
cry. Will my seizures ever get to the point that they'll
stop all together? I seriously doubt it.