What My Life Holds 4 U
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2002-07-16 19:10:20 (UTC)

So Hott In Herre!!!

It is so hot today. I attend summer school and everyday
I have to walk downtown from the high school that I am
going to for summer school. To get downtown from the high
school is like 2-3 miles, but it seems forever! It was hot,
hot, HOT! I could not survive in it any longer. I couldn't
wait until the city bus came downtown. They are always
late, and never have they been on time! I ran into a friend
while waiting that I haven't seen for a while. I was happy
to see her.
Finally, when the bus did come I thought I was going to
have a heat stroke!!! I say this because everything looked
so wobbley or something. Then I was holding my head cause a
sudden headache came across me. I was looking down at the
ground and I just knew I was going t fall! Our city buses
have rules where we have to wait until all the handicap
people are on the bus, because the stairs lift out for
them, if they are on cruches, in a wheelchair, or a walker.
Today, I tried to beat a man pushing a woman in a
wheelchair. I wasn't quick enough becuase I felt so faint.
It seemed forever until I got on the bus and I was steamed
at the bus driver becuase she made me wait. I stumbled up
the bus stairs and finally made it to the back of the bus
with all the cool air. When I was in the position of
sitting down my eyesight went a bit faded and came back
through. It happened a couple of times but I made it
Just think, tomorrow is going to be even MORE hotter
than today! And it is like 90' here where I am in Ohio. If
I faint, God, please bring me to heaven where it is more
peaceful, Paaaalease!
Until next diary/journal entry, bye and so long for now!

MOOD: Good, but to hot to be happy
Song: Nelly---Hot in herre!
(thats how I came up with the title to my