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2002-07-16 18:45:22 (UTC)


... this is what bruno wrote about me in her webpaige...

for Richele
My Best friend

" I don't know how to put into words how I feel about this
girl. She's like my everything. She's my sunshine when the
cloud is the darkest shade of gray. I could never ever be
mad at her because I cringe at the thought of losing her.
She's everything I could want and more. She's beautiful
inside and out. She sticks by me through thick and
thin...good and bad times. She never put me down or made me
feel bad about myself. She'll never know how much she means
to me. She completes me. She makes me happy when no one
else can. I adore her. She's an angel hand-made by god
himself. I don't think he could have blessed me with a
better gift. I really consider myself lucky because he must
have seen something good in me because I really don't think
I deserve her love. She's the greatest. I don't ever want
to live a day without her. RICHELE... please don't ever
leave me. I love you."

You tell me thats not the sweetest thing any friend can say
to you. * LoVe you bruno *