This is the beloved air I breathe
2002-07-16 18:41:35 (UTC)


I once was lost
but now am found
Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
In the midst of this valley
I have no fear
For as sure as I am standing here
I surely know that God is good!
I pray Lord Jesus
That you would take all I have
I pray Lord Jesus
That you would take all i am
And transform this wretched nothing
Into a beautiful lamb

Start on the very inside
Where your spirit dwells
And permeate my being
Through and through
Transform this worthless vessel
Into something precious
That draws from your life wells
And please Lord Jesus
Draw me close to you

I breathe in your presence
I breathe out your perfect peace
Your ever living grace
Flows right through me
Oh that you call me your child!
Oh that your sent down your precious lamb
That I could also be your own

I am valuable
I have purpose
beyond my wildest dreams
I went from nothing to something
because you, soverign God and king
Give me your spirit
Live completely through me
And make these words entirely true
That I may ever live for the continuing mission
of making your transformation complete
of me through you