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2002-07-16 18:31:35 (UTC)

so i finnaly got out of the..

so i finnaly got out of the house last night and got to go
sleep over at my friends house after my parents yelling and
bitching at me for a few hours yesterday (i hate it when im
yelled at for no good reason it really brings my self
confidence down and they both know that)
anyways so i went over to her house(melissa one of my best
friends) and we had a nice little evening together... we
went over to our other friends house and hung out there
until 10 ich and then we went back to her house and had
some garlic fingers and watched the movie clueless and then
went to bed around 2.
then the phone rang at 6 oclock in the morning asking
melissa if she could come in for the rush hour at her work
Tims. of course shes such a nice person and she wasnt awack
yet to realize it but she went in anyways. ofcourse that
made her even more tyred when she got home and she stayed
in bed till 1. i had to get to the mall for like 2 and she
was still not even up at 1 15 or so but then her mother
dropped me off at the mall. the only reason y i had to go
home so eary was because i me (just a teenager) had to
entertain my aunt that i dont even really know because the
last time i saw her was when i was 6. so i was at the mall
at 1 30 ich and had to walk around for a whole hour until
my bus came all alone. then wheni finnaly got on the bus
and got home guess what? ofcourse she wassnt here. so now
im sitting on my ass and its only 3 30 and theres nothing i
can do... i cant leave the house just in case she desides
to show up and i cant have company incase she decides to
come back
oh well i should go maybe go kill myslef because nobody
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