Like a book
2001-07-01 11:36:36 (UTC)



I've found a flaw in todays society; if you want to do
anything worth doing you have to wait. Sit around for ages
while a thin film of dust sticks to you, but that thin
layer isn't disturbed, oh no, it continues growing until a
thick blanket of cobwebs dirt and grit is stuck to you,
clinging to your skin.

But what if one day you realise that its the dust that is
the shackle holding you down, the chain that binds you to
your place? You're stuck.

The dust, dirt and grit is age, the longer you wait the
older you get and if you wait to long death will catch up
with you.

This is very annoying, what happened to "seize the day?"
have we forgotten the basic principle of pleasure, that its
better to enjoy a little now then none later?

there's a wrting comp I want to enter, but I probably
can't, you have to reply to an e-mail if you win, and I'll
be away in India, I doubt I'll win but if I do I don't want
to miss the prize.



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