Life of Joolz
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2001-07-01 10:52:42 (UTC)

Sunday 1st July 2001

11.47am-just a very quick one for now........am dead busy
and clearing garage out. House outside is a bombsite with
roofing etc, but thank god there's no workmen on our street
till tomorrow. Am off to Focus after lunch for a kitchen
border (did the kitchen yesterday-took 8 hours) and a few
other items.

Still no word from Susan, all I know is she's gone to Costa
Brava in northern Spain-don't know why she aint replied.
Strange that.

It's a warm humid day full of cloud, can have windows open
today as not being target of flying debris today. Hair has
almond white satinwood paint in it-can't gerrit off, but
mingles in well with rest of colour-looks sort of hi-lite
effect!! Probably wash out eventually. Only 4 days to
birthday and going away time-need a rest I do.....