the ups and downs of my life
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2002-07-16 17:37:09 (UTC)

my conversation with justin

last night i spent the night at my dads b/c my mom went to
a wrestling match. i stayed up till 12 30 last night and
talked on instant messenger. i talked to justin who is a
grade below me but would be in my grade if he was 20 days
older and he was telling m ow he likes my cousin ash and
would go out with her if she didnt have a boyfriend. then
he told me how he met laura a few days ago and she is
really good looking and he would go out with her maybe but
he doesnt really know her. then i showed him a pic of me
and he said he has saw me before when i had practice for
basket ball. he ssaid i had a really good looking family
and i say "what r u going to date my whole family" and
hes like maybe. hes a nice person and fun to talk to and i
saw his pic an dhe isnt ugly but he will probably date ash
and laura an d that would be weird to date ur cousins ex.

well i guess thats it for now.

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