My Life.............
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2002-07-16 16:30:05 (UTC)

I couldnt sleep lastnight at..

I couldnt sleep lastnight at all, i feel so guilty, i know
Holly is pissed at me, and im pissed at her and Bill, im
just going to tell my sister that im not comming around
anymore, shes going back with Bill and i dont want to be
around him after what has happened, plus, im the one who is
getting all the blame, little Billy didnt do anything
wrong........ at least Bobbys is still talking to me, he
called this morning, i have a feeling we are going to do
alot more talking too..:(
I just feel so awful, it figures he would stab me in the
back like this, i dont know if he thought i would tell Holly
first or what, id like to know why he told her, it has
ruined my relationship with my sister, some secrets are
better off being a secret.:(
The truth is i really liked Bill, i liked him before just
as a friend, i never thought about having sex with him, of
course he was my sisters boyfriend, now that friendship is
gone, i knew once we crossed the line there was no way back,
why did we have to do that!!!:(
I wish i could stop feeling this way, i feel hurt, betrayed
and very, very angry, i did get feelings for bill and he
hurt me really bad.:(