Heather D

Nothing Wrong With Me
2001-07-01 07:10:33 (UTC)

For My Own Sake

Yeah, I originally thought I was actually going to use my PRIVATE, PERSONAL diary for the amusement of everyone who comes to my website and clicks on the 'Read My Journal' link. But then I remembered that I'm really not very fond of the diary service that I was using, so I figured that I liked this one much better anyway, since the service seems to be a lot better. But anyway...

Here I am. At three in the morning. I'm supposed to be working on my web page, but there seems to be a shortage of 'Save Jackass' banners floating around the web. I really, really don't like Lieberman, and I plan to voice that on my site. If kids wanna copy Johnny Knoxville and light themselves on fire, be my guest! If guides wanna throw themselves in front of cars, knock yourself out!!! Who cares? I guess, rather than asking, 'Is Johnny Knoxville to blame? And everyone else on Jackass?' Mr. Lieberman and company SHOULD be asking, 'Where the hell are these kids' parents?' I think if they have cable TV, then they certainly have some sort of parental guidance. Gimme a damn break. But I am launching a page to help prevent the prevention of Jackass from being aired. Dr. J's helping me out, by writing a 'Constitution For the Fans of Jackass' and writing a sweet li'l poem as well. I myself am still looking for just the right banner, and trying to find some nice normal pictures of the guys. Guess I'd better round up that baby picture of Knoxville from Absolut Jackass. AND OH MY GOD, I'M TRYING TO DECIDE WHETHER TO ACTUALLY E-MAIL DAVE ENGLAND. I want to, and I think I will, evenutally. To actually have one of their addresses is cool...to use it would be so awesome.

I found out yesterday that I suffer from tension headaches. Unbelievable, huh? Not so much for my friends and family, I suppose. My doctor, whose name is Dr. Rorie (we all call him Brandon, he prefers it) was at first concerned that I either had migraines or a brain tumor (Tom Green Special waiting to happen!) He made me do this test that was kinda like a sobriety test, only not. And he finally deducted that I had tension headaches. OF course, I neglected to mention that I took two free falls down a hill and slammed into the side of a building while wearing a helmet about a week ago...but that is another story.

I think it's time for me to stop ranting and running on and on and try to find some tasteful material for the 'Save Jackass' section of the site. I originally thought the site would have been done about a week ago...but then I screwed up, so it's going to be another week or so. I am officially a slackass.