Raynewitch Ramblings
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2002-07-16 14:25:50 (UTC)

Sooooooo sleepy

Mood: Sleepy
Song: Jesse's Girl - Rick Springfield

Tonight is going to be an early one for me...Im soooo
freaking tired and done for the day. Its not like I did
much either....went to my ex-work and hung out for a while
and then hung out with my best mate etc. Bah too many late
nights for me.

I dont have anything to do tomorrow, other than the
volunteer work I do tomorrow night....and thats just for 3
hours so hopefully it wont be too busy or anything and I
get left in peace...or even better...very few clients!! WOO

Not much happening with boyfey...had a minor disagreement
over some crap but it seems to be all good now....

Eh, too tired to write more.

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