A Ballad of Excellent Destruction
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2001-07-01 06:30:48 (UTC)

every one has their own time

the sun striking light imprinted in the eyes for all of
cronus to see
shrouding all around me, the pretensions of crippling
sunders back into the shadow ringing bells,
four cold winds that cried, laced an insignia in the soul
as water and ash sealed the hole

every one has their own time, its hard to tell what is real
and what's manufactured in the psyche, an its our job to
complicate these things and throw out a category to find
comfort in a moment, or a peaceful existence to the
surrounding, a moment of presence excels your mind. its
like that moment you have when you know everything is all
right, so why somewhere some way the defamation of mankind
still goes on, the peace is broken, the starving is
unbreakable, the holy war continues. the fighting for
causes that do not shed their existence on me in any way, i
can only feel guilt for never having to worry of this
happening in my back yard. do they ever get that day to sit
back and feel free, i have my music and my computer,
needless necessities but i have them, i know they would be
there when i wake up, not mortar holes or waste lands. I
see trees and homes, cars and common, but poisons
nonetheless, more corrupt then any 3rd world country, face
it cash rules and Americas got lots of it.
Id like to know why these country's indulge in the
horrors they do, the fear they wake up to, or the fear they
have for knowing they will wake up, our friction's cant
compare to the 3rd world. Still we feel this country is
falling apart, when its not, the place is just getting
lazy. could we be doomed to fall like other great
civilizations of the past? I don't know, just a ponder.

i don't do much all day but look for a job, i don't like to
speak about boring ass jobs, only thing i know about jobs
is you do the work they pay you and if you happen to become
friends with someone at work, you fall into the gossip, so
beware, and thats all i ever want to say about work....
id rather read or write, studying is more important then
wasting away at a job