an azn lif3
2001-07-01 06:17:40 (UTC)

typical teenage life

wellz today mah mom lied too meeh she said she take meeh to
trangz house and instead she took meeh to her werk which
got meeh mad cuz she lied and then i started cryin and she
yelled at meeh sayin i go out to much and neva help out and
then she took meeh home then mah home girl trang came ova
she loved mah cusin manh os much ish weird cuz he mah cuz u
kno so ish like eWwW but ish all cool...he got nicer to
meeh so thats good he ish reallie bad smokin and stuf but
insidehez reallie nice u know ish koo well ivan keep sayin
i look hella fione but im scared tai i love tai..i dun
wanna hurt his feelin and this dude kept sayin iluv u and
iwas like wtf hahaha ish koo i luv mah boi and das allthat
matters...ish weird lovin someone can be weird.. but feels
sogood at the same time hehehe..welpz ima goish pretty
later buh bai