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2002-07-16 13:10:08 (UTC)

reunion...of the mnj

yesrerday mendy came over and wanted to go to the mall so
we went to pick shane up and kiersten came with us. i
didn't want kierstaen to go but if she didn't go i couldn't
go so..... but anyways the mall ended up being closed so we
went to aliscon and visited her for a little while she left
to go to ohio, i think, this morning. then we went to
captin d's and saw jennifer she was working the drive
through so we went through the drive through and ordered
one hush puppie it was funny. then we went and drove around
in a cematary witch was stupid. then we took shane home and
went home.

when we got home jennifer called and she wanted to come
over so me and mendy went a picked her up. the funny part
was on the way to jennifer's me and mendy got into this
really good conversation and we kinda ended up going around
in a circle. but we finally got to her house and then we
came home.

jennifer, mandy and i stayed up until like 3 talking about
stuff. we had a good sonversation! it was awsome! i don't
think mendy and jennifer have hung out in a long time. so
this was kinda a reunion for us three.

this morning mendy and jennifer left at 8 so now i'm here
all alone... mendy went to pick up her and my schedual
cause we can't tommorow. we have to work.

we're going to fort mountain with the eastbrook kids.

i had to work today. we wrote letters to celebs. asking
them to sign a contract saying that they would not smoke.
and we're going to send it to them. i don't really think
that anyone will sign it and send it back though. i invited
mendy and kyle to go to sixflags with our church i hope
they can come. kyle is so mich fun to hang out with.

well i'm out for now.