Bloodcurdling Tales of Horror and the Ma
2001-07-01 06:07:24 (UTC)

The general welcome

Alright. So this is an online diary that no one will ever
read probably. But I'd like to have it anyway, to be able
to rant and rave with no repurcussions.

Where to start? I can't name this diary. It's not a Kitty,
and I refuse to name it Betty, like I did for a "Studies of
Civil War" assignment.

I suppose I should introduce myself and all that jazz.
Well, I'm Maria, an idiot with a large helping of hypocrisy
on the side. That's all you really need know. The rest
you'll find through my entries I suppose.

So. Today's Saturday. An uneventful day, if every sense of
the phrase. Nothing ever happens here. Sometimes the grass
grows quickly. It's a local holiday.

Last night there was a concert at the Backdoor, a
local "stomping ground" for young and inexperienced bands.
It was a suprisingly good show. The thing about the
Backdoor is that it is usually an experience in masochism.
All the bands try really hard, and that's great. But
they're not all good. It wouldn't really be so bad though,
if it weren't for all the people who sit outside and refuse
to come in. Oh hell, I don't know what I'm talking about.

It's late. I should go.

Goodnight. Rest well and dream of large women.