Meshed Up
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2002-07-16 10:59:59 (UTC)


met a girl today named rochelle. very cute girl. very short
girl though. and i found out that she has a tumor in her

and somebody said, 'nobody's perfect' right after telling
me that rochelle has a tumor.

and another person said, 'god is fair.'


HE: hello! come online to find me?
ME: hey.
HE: can i ask you a question? do you miss me?
ME: whatcha up to?
HE: nothing much. doing a lit essay right now. so what kind
of guys do you go for? you go for older guys right?
ME: i prefer older guys.
HE: oh. that's bad news for me. then that means i don't
stand a chance. sigh. what a shame. guys younger than
you are in such bad luck, missing out on such a great
girl like you.
ME: erm...right.
HE: i feel sorry for girls younger than me too. i prefer
older girls you know.
ME: right.
HE: you might be only 18 years old but you have a mentality
of a 21 year old.
ME: that's good news for me.
HE: you're very good. you got brains and looks.
ME: i don't think so.
HE: do you mind if i hug you? do you mind if a friend hugs
ME: do you hug friends all the time?
HE: i like hugging friends. guys too.. but it's a bit
awkward for me to hug guys.
ME: well it's awkward for me to hug guys too.


arh. i can't stand egotism.