Looking For Answers!!!
2001-07-01 05:37:41 (UTC)

My First Entry...

Hello all, my name is chivorus. I started this diary
because I can always use a hand or a intelligent suggestion
on how to get out of some of the trouble I so often find
myself into.(and yes I said INTELLIGENT so please think
before you speak) No life altering crisis at this time, but
just be patient with me one is bound to show, more sooner
than later. I guess I'll use this entry to tell you a
little more about myself. I'm a 28 yr. old black man with
a striving business. ( I'm a professional photographer) I'm
currently residing in Mt. Morris, Mi. I am a divorced
single father who adores his children tremendously. I was
married just a little over a yr. when my ex-wife decided
she didn't want to be married anymore. ( not to me anyway)
I have two beautiful little girls and two wonderful sons
who gives me my reason to get up and try harder than the
day before. I'm currently seeking a meaningful
relationship with someone that can understand my way of
thinking, admires my ambition, and backs me a 110% no
matter what, that special individual is me. For to be
totally happy with someone else you must first be totally
happy with yourself. If you don't know you, how is anyone
else suppose to. Well I have to run now, but before I go I
leave you with this to think about " what is LOVE have you
ever been in love and if you have been and nolonger are,
will you be willing to go back to that. I'm very
interested to hear your responses and I thank you in
advance for them. Until Next Time...