my life and thoughts
2002-07-16 08:06:25 (UTC)

thoughts and things

well lets see i havent written in awhile ... i guess since
i got my license i havent been home ive been out and about
mostly with jason ,, yea im still with him a year and 5
months now .. i love him So much he means alot to me .. but
lately ,, itseems ive lost alot of my girl friends cuz ive
been to busy spending time with jason which is my
fault ..but i really hate seems like im losing one
thing at a time ,, i guess i could always try to do
somehtign about it ,, ive been pretty happy lately
though ..well i guess things are sorta good but my 8 yr
old sis has cancer now wich is really hard i hate to see
her go through all this it just breaks my heart ,,, but she
is strong so i hope she can make it through it all .. she
has so much ahead of her in life i just want her to be able
to do ...
although im happy with jason and stuff i wonder what it
would be like to date again.. i love him but its just that
thought im only 17 and have alot aheadof me and if we were
to break up in the next few yrs i dont want to feel like i
wasted all that time with him but then again i dont know if
i would feel that way i may feel as i wished i still had
him and how great those days were with him .. i guess
life is just a mystery and u have to live it a day at a
time and thats all u can do ,, u know ?
well im gonna get some sleep ,,