Life, Love and Heartache
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2002-07-16 07:21:26 (UTC)

Is he worth it..........

I have known this guy for 2 years. We have been friends and
he is the most incredible guy I have ever met. The way he
talks, the way he cares. He always says the right things at
the right time. I think I am starting to care for him, more
then I want to. He is so far away and I can't touch him, I
can't see him, and most importantly I can't be with him the
way I want. I think he has another girl he is planning on
being with. The sad thing is that I can see myself having a
life with him. I don't mean just being in a relationship, I
mean I could marry this guy. I would love nothing more then
to have his kids. Live in beautiful house and just be so
happy. He has a great outlook on life and he listens to me.
The way he makes me feel is so wonderful. Let me remind you
we have never met in person. I have had more heartache then
he ever will, if I could just be the one to make him happy.
Oh well maybe another life time, right?

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