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2002-07-16 07:06:21 (UTC)

i guess this is worth a try...

i'm real bad bout puttin my feelings out there... but it's
gotten tough, see... i dunno, it all seems so get so piled
up in my head... let's try this now: today:: i woke up late
and had to suddenly find me a ride to driver ed... dad
ended up getting me, but of course not with out
argument... driver ed went alright... then gramps gave me a ride
home... every time i am with him, and when i call him gramps, it
reminds me of how much i miss my grandpa. perhaps
it is self-pity, aya, they killed him, the tobacco
companies did... isn't that murder? i never got to know
him.... he was always sick... ok... enough of that... i then
got home and decided to put some hot oil crap in my
hair, it smelled good and now it's a bit silky smooth and
not such a frizz... little improvement... at 3 i had
rehearsal... that's a joke! i am really getting sick of
these bit-parts, i feel like i am there to babysit! after that
hour and a half of unpaid babysitting torture, i got to go
to fronk's house... she's a good friend of mine... but i
dunno bout her anymore... well, we have this great
ambition of cleaning up her basement and makin it a
place to chill... we have a long way to go to say the
least... it's such a mess!! we spent a few hours
cleaning it... well, i did the cleanin... she just kept
finding stuff that reminded her of other things... well...
you know how it is... i felt awful, she found her dad's
obituary... he killed himself when she was 9... it was
rough, i don't ever know what to say to her when it
comes up cause i still have a dad... and we don't get
along... but yeah, so i felt like i was cleaning for her...
then she invited rachael over... see, rachael is back in
town on vacation from blue stars (it's a big traveling
core).. she is a nice girl... but only so much of her can
be tolerable... all she ever talks bout is her core
adventures... it's so annoying... but even better this time,
she brought with her, some brian kid who is 18, very
hot... and very gay... i have nothing against
homosexuals... but this kid was abnoxious!! he was all
touchy-feely and what not, i didn't understand it... ma
then made me come home early... i was actually glad to
leave... but i felt bad leavin fronk there with them... so
yeah... got home and returned phone calls i missed...
and as i was talkin on the phone my dad comes in and
flips a biscuit all bout how i am talkin too loud... he was
listening for the dog to bark... so i was all tryin to be
quiet, and i thought he'd gone... and he freaked on me..
the rest i really don't want to talk bout... but
yeah... that's my day, i guess i feel a bit better gettin it all
out here... but really... it just makes me realize all that i
have missed... i am one for detail... it's
getting late... i have the joy of driver ed awaiting me for
tomorrow... if that even makes sense... i'm out ~jack

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