Carolina Girl

The Follies of Christina
2002-07-16 06:41:12 (UTC)

Is Love Blind?

After having a back and forth deep conversation with two of
my most dear friends both on different sides of the fence
but looking at the same horizion I began to think Is Love
Blind? I believe the phrase should be changed
to "Infatuation is blind." If you truly love someone you
have seen and know all of their flaws like the back of your
hand (never really figured out why that is supposedly so
familiar either)and love that person for their flaws, get
over them let them know, in a nice way and evolve as
people, as a couple together. Now people who have
infatuations... They see nothin but someone who is good for
them, who they can help become a better person and who will
help them become a better person, or just the fact that
they're hot. People say that time heals... time doesn't
heal it's what happens in that time that heals. But what
exactly does happen in that time, other than the fact that
you get over what happened... but what happens that makes
you get over what happened? I look around at society and
see all these happily married people and wonder what they
know that I and most teenagers don't that make things fall
together for them. But then again 3 out of 4 marriages end
up in divorce...

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